How Your Website Might be in Violation of the Children’s Online Protection Act [part 2]

In our previous post we have described what COPPA is and who is covered by its provisions. Today, we discuss what are the sanctions for non-compliance and what should be done to avoid them. How to Collect Children’s Information on Your Site/Online Service in Compliance with COPPA I have a website/I provide online services, what am I required to do? First and foremost, you need a clear and detailed privacy policy and place a link to the policy visibly on any page of the site where personal information is collected. Within the privacy policy, you need to include: any information you collect from children, the manner in which the information is used, and whether it is disclosed or shared with third parties.…

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How Your Website Might be in Violation of the Children’s Online Protection Act [part 1]

COPPA, the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act is a federal regulation that covers the online collection of personal information entered by children under the age of 13. Under the Act, the Federal Trade Commission imposes certain requirements on website operators or online service providers (including mobile apps). The Act came into force in 2000 in order to address various online marketing techniques of the 1990s that were targeting children and collecting their data. As children under the age of 13 are especially vulnerable and do not fully understand the implications of revealing their personal information online, the Act was designed to protect such children’s privacy. Personal information is information that can individually identify a person and may include names and…

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